As our built environment grows, our leisure pursuits extend and our working environment becomes more entwined with the hours of darkness, the advent of lighting has dominated our nightscape.

This has inevitably meant a sense of visual hierarchy has been lost where the heritage assets of our environment become lost to the lit dominance supporting our lives.

From the introduction of technology we can now sensitively illuminate heritage structures beyond the original architectural intent and to influence the perception of merit, style and detail to reinstate our heritage landmarks to reencourage the sense of place, wayfinding and the cultural values within our nightscape.

visual church.png

LightPaD are members of the Building Conservation

directory and are very proud to have over 25 years

experience in the internal and external lighting design

consultancy services for Heritage projects.

This includes visualisation and mock-ups for planning and

the detailed, sympathetic and considered approach

required for design.

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